What a novice investor needs to know

The easiest way for a beginner is to buy securities, and after a certain time sell at a higher price

On the exchange, you can both make millions and lose them. We figure out how much money you need to start investing, how to choose a broker and if there is a guaranteed way to get rich by trading on the exchange.

Let's say you have a deposit in the bank, but you are not satisfied with the interest rates, they are too low, and you want to earn more. But you must understand: the higher the opportunity to earn, the higher the probability of losing all the money. If you understand the risks and have free funds, it may be worth learning how to invest in securities that are traded on the exchange.

The easiest way for a beginner is to buy securities, and after a certain time sell at a higher price - and so make money. The main thing to remember is that profit is not blind luck, as in a casino, but the result of well-thought-out actions. Not a game, but a job.

It is not worth investing your last money if you do not have savings and a deposit in the bank. If the bank goes bankrupt, the state will return the money to depositors - within 1.4 million rubles. There is no such insurance on the stock exchange, you can lose everything. Moreover, the fall in the value of securities occurs much more often than bank bankruptcies.

The modern exchange is electronic, you can trade via the Internet without getting up from the couch. But this requires an intermediary - a company that has a license for stock trading. Before looking for it, it is worth identifying a few important things for yourself.

Estimate how much you are willing to invest Theoretically, you can start with any amount, even from 1000 rubles. But such a volume does not compensate for either the intermediary's commission or the time spent on the trades. It is worth starting to invest if you are ready to risk several tens of thousands of rubles. It is better to imagine in advance a situation in which you will lose your money. If you realize this isn't a disaster for your budget, you can give it a try.

Think how much time you are willing to spend If you are ready to undergo training, immerse yourself in the topic, study statistics and stock market reports in the morning, follow the charts during the day, you can try to trade on your own. Then you need a broker to act as your intermediary for accessing the exchange. You will make your own buying and selling decisions, and the broker will carry out your orders. If you do not intend to spend a lot of time and effort on investing, then it is better to consider one of the forms of trust management. In such a system, you make a minimum of decisions, entrusting the investment of your money to professionals.

Choose your strategy and assets Decide what you will invest in. Stick to a specific strategy.

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